How to build a QR code menu for your restaurant

25 August, 2023

What is a QR code menu?

A QR code menu is a digital menu that customers can access by scanning a QR code with their smartphone camera. Menus like this eliminate the need for physical menus and allows customers to view the menu on their own device. As a result of Covid-19, everyone has become familiar with the functionality of QR codes and know what to do with them, as all modern phones now have QR reading technology built-in as standard.

Why a QR code menu?

Having a QR code menu is great for customers and businesses alike. Digital menus can have impact in the following ways

  • Save printing costs on physical menus (great for pop-ups!)
  • Flexible changing of menu items (the QR code will always stay the same!)
  • Customers generally understand how to scan/use QR codes
  • Customers with accessibility issues can read your digital menu with screen readers as well as other tools they normally use to operate their phone.

How to make a QR code menu

QR codes are basically just links to a website, so theoretically, you can upload a PDF and then put the download link through something like an online QR code generator, however doing this will not ensure accessibility and ease of editing, as you will need to edit the PDF each time, making it tedious to maintain and update. The best way to build a QR code menu is to use Menuwizz’s free digital menu creator. You can build a menu for free and start using it right away. Menuwizz is designed for making menus which are easy to update and change on the go, as well as having great accessibility for customers who rely on screen readers. menu-simons-shack.png


After trying multiple QR code menu creators, we built Menuwizz to solve what none of the other solutions were doing. Menuwizz is designed to be mobile-first both for creating and reading menus and also enables editing menus in just a few clicks with minimal interruption to your day. We honestly believe that Menuwizz is the best tool out there right now for building digital menus. Go and try it for yourself at If you are not satisfied or something is not right for your needs, we will be happy to personally support you and make changes to fit your needs.